Happy 450th, Master Shakespeare!


Happy 450th, Master Shakespeare!

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*prints this tweet, rolls a cigarette with it, and puts it between my teeth without lighting it*

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I love Anastasia but they get so much shit wrong and I had to talk about it.

As a history major currently studying Soviet Russia I would like to formally bless this post

History majors have a hard time just sitting and enjoying period pieces….especially with others

"Wait a second…that’s not right…"

^ You understand me friend

I was about to be like “jeez it’s just a cartoon” but nearly died laughing at this post multiple time. read this post. it’s good post

"Non. I do not give une fuck"

"probably was not a zombie"

Although, the “urban legend” surrounding the supposed (not true, as this beautiful power point has established) survival of anastasia is quite cool, especially since she and her sister briefly did survive the family’s execution: “The family was told that they were to be photographed to prove to the people that they were still alive. The family members were arranged appropriately and left alone for several minutes, the gunmen then walked in and started shooting. The girls did not die from the first shots, because bullets rebounded off jewels that were sewn into their corsets. The gunmen tried to stab them with bayonets, which also failed because of the jewels. The gunmen then shot each girl in the head at close range.” (yes it’s wikipedia, but it’s one of the greatest paragraphs there.. (

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Amy Poehler quotes + Golden retrievers

Amy P. quotations & cute doggies!!

Have a wonderful day, Smart Girls :)


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Happy Birthday, Will.


Happy Birthday, Will.

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That’s right, folks! I am going to pimp to you my all-time favorite manga! It’s a total of 8 volumes long and you can find it online to read HERE! (Or you can Google and find a different preferred manga site. Though I also fully support buying the translated manga, too.)

Okay, now to the pimping…

FIRST AND FOREMOST, a common misconception about this manga series:

Some of you read the title or hear ‘nuns with guns’ and instantly think that this is a very religion-based series/story, right? Well, that’s not the case with Chrono Crusade. In fact, the story has little to do with religion at all. The story is very different, creative, and driven mostly by familial relationships that have been torn apart, and the quests of these endearing characters to face their pasts, reunite with loved ones, and find their paths. (Note: In the anime, this is largely changed. There IS a bigger focus on religious ties and the story takes a very different turn half-way or so through that I really don’t approve of, especially what they did to Rosette’s character.)

Our heroine is none other than Rosette Christopher. As much of a Princess Tutu fanatic as I am and how much I love Ahiru… Rosette does trump her as far as my favorite female heroine top spot (they’re close, though). She’s a flawed character, loud, clumsy, horribly impulsive/headstrong and very driven by loyalty, determination, and the strong desire to save her younger brother Joshua.

Her partner is the demon Chrono. He’s not the grumpy and rude sort of demon type one might ‘expect’ to see. He’s actually soft-spoken, kind-hearted, and often getting picked on by Rosette. And instead of being introduced as some kind of love interest for Rosette or as a partnership where they start off hating one another, there is already a load of trust between the two of them and a strong bond. They share a ‘soul contract’. For Chrono to use his demon powers, he can only do so by slowly draining away Rosette’s soul/life-force. But this isn’t a case of some kind of asshole demon taking advantage of a human. In fact, he avoids using his powers as much as possible because he wants to protect her life.

A lot about them is revealed through backstory in later chapters that I will not spoil. And there are quite a few other supporting characters, as well. It would take too long if I did bios on each of them, so I’m going to leave that as a surprise for those of you who decide to read this. :) But I’ll say this much: I pretty much enjoyed every character in this series.

Here are some things you can expect from reading this series:

  • Setting is 1920’s America!
  • Numerous strong female characters. We’re not talking damsels in distress here. And even those who don’t necessarily start off ‘strong’, work their way up.
  • Very interesting characters all around. You’re bound to become invested in them while reading.
  • 'Nuns with guns' is putting it lightly. There's a lot of battles/fighting and a fair share of some blood and creepy-as-hell-looking monsters.
  • Reverse roles/Expect the Unexpected: The nun with the gun is our power lady, the demon is the voice of reason and supports her.
  • Sibling relationships that might make you shed a tear or two.
  • Fair share of humor, though it doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the story.
  • Plot twists (got to love those).
  • Strong partnership/team. Rosette and Chrono, and also Rosette/Chrono/Azmaria/Satella.
  • Lots of backstory—-you’re going to find out exactly what drives these characters and why.
  • And much more!

That’s that! I hope you’ll read and enjoy Chrono Crusade! I assure you, it’s worth it! You can also check out the anime if you’re interested. The animation is pretty well done, I just don’t like the overload of fanservice they added to it and how much they changed characters to suit their new ‘story’. Aion and Rosette’s changes are probably the worst.

ANYWAY, I’d love to fangirl over this anytime, so if you read it/watch it and want to talk about it, I’d love to chat about this amazing series.

Again, just in case someone missed it in the beginning, you can read all of Chrono Crusade HERE online!

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